Myles Lambert Environment Artist

I am a Senior Environment Artist currently living in London. I am dedicated to learning,
developing and creating professional game art whilst working with like minded, talented people.

I have worked on four commercial games and am currently working at Splash Damage.

Contact Info:

Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer
Splash Damage was responsible for creating the Multiplayer part of Batman Arkham Origins. I worked along side Lloyd Morris (Designer), Mark McLeod, Angelo Dal Pra and Josh Grafton.
Robot Factory & Blackgate Prison - I led production on the following environments from start to finish. I was responsible for creating a unique direction, the level composition, map schedule, lighting and some asset creation.

Jokers Funhouse & Wayne Chemicals - These maps were lead by Angelo Dal Pra, however I aided with asset creation and lighting.

Personal Work 2011 & Older
A collection of older personal work. A mixture of competition pieces, indie projects and art tests.


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